Neeyat-e-Shauq Bhar Na Jaaye Kahin

I heard the first two lines of this poem in a version of Aaj Jaane Ki Zidd Na Karo on Coke Studio some time ago and they just struck me as an honest feeling no one discusses out loud.

Neeyat-e-shauq bhar na jaaye kahin
Tu bhi dil se utar na jaaye kahin.

A fear of being consumed by someone wholly and then having nothing more left.
It’s genuine- the fear of being fulfilled. 

We’d kill for something like that, wouldn’t we?
But if you are fortunate enough to get your hands on it, you can be destroyed if it actually fulfils you. No?

Think about it. If you’re unfortunately fortunate.

Here’s a version of Asha Bhosle‘s of the song:


Another beautiful *beautiful* version is of Noor Jahan‘s:


Pick your favourite!

These beautiful thoughts were penned down by Nasir Kazmi.

Bhar na jaaye kahin

Tu bhi dil se
Utar na jaaye kahin.

Aaj dekha hai
Tujhko der ke baad
Aaj ka din
Guzar na jaaye kahin.

Na mila kar
Udaas logon se
Husn tera
Bikhar na jaaye kahin.

Aarzoo hai ki
Tu yahaan aaye
Aur phir umr bhar
Na jaaye kahin.

Jee jalaata hun
Aur ye sochta hun
Raaygan ye hunar
Na jaaye kahin.

Aao kuch der
Ro hi lein ‘Nasir’
Phir ye dariya
Utar na jaaye kahin..


भर न जाए कहीं
तू भी दिल से
उतर ना जाये कहीं..
My intention to love
I hope it doesn’t fulfil itself
I hope
I hope that I don’t get over you too soon.


आज देखा है तुझको
देर के बाद
आज का दिन
गुज़र ना जाए कहीं..
I saw you after so long
I hope
I hope that this day doesn’t get over too soon.


ना मिला कर
उदास लोगों से
हुस्न तेरा
बिखर ना जाए कहीं..
Stop meeting those people
People who dwell in sadness
I hope
I hope they don’t scatter your beauty to bits.


आरज़ू है
की तू यहां आये
और फिर उम्र भर
ना जाए कहीं..
I wish
That you come here
I hope
I hope that you never have to leave.. ever.


जी जलाता हूँ
और सोचता हूँ
राएगाँ ये हुनर
ना जाए कहीं..
I set my heart on fire
And I wonder, and
I hope
I hope that this talent of yours isn’t all spent in vain.


आओ कुछ देर
रो ही लें ‘नासिर’
फिर ये दरिया
उतर ना जाए कहीं..
Let us cry for some time ‘Nasir’
Then this river..
This river might come falling down on us.



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