Mera Kuch Samaan (Gulzar)

Ijaazat. If you’ve seen the film, you know what it means.
If you haven’t, you should definitely give it a shot.

I had heard all its songs a long time ago but never got around to watching the film until last week.

“Ek sau solah chaand ki raatein
Ek tumhaare kaandhe ka til.”

I was born on May 11. This year, right after all the birthday wishes died down a little past midnight, I prepared myself for my own little present to myself- Ijaazat.

I don’t want to give away what this film is all about, but I will tell you this:

You realize that yes, life can be filled with complexities and sometimes, just sometimes, it chooses to make you suffer because.. it’s poetic? Because love is.. fucked up *anyway*?

The other day I was discussing with some friends how we choose to suffer for some things only because it means so much. And sometimes we do it irrationally because it just feels right. That’s when you actually realize how much you think something is really worth, and that’s when you decide.

The following piece has been written by the genius Gulzar. Needless to say, it is beautiful beyond the words I’ve typed below.

There is a scene where Rekha (the wife) is brushing her hair and Naseeruddin Shah reads out a letter from an ex-lover to her. This is.. what the letter is, which then transforms into a beautiful song:


Ik dafaa wo yaad hai tumko
Bin batti jab cycle ka chaalaan hua tha
Humnein kaise bookhe-pyaase bechaaron si acting ki thi
Havaldaar ne ulta ek atthani dekar bhej diya tha
Ek chavanni meri thi..
Wo bhijwa do.

Saawan ke kuch bheege bheege din rakhe hain
Aur mere ik khat mein lipti raat padi hai
Wo raat bujha do
Aur bhi kuch saamaan tumhare pass pada hai
Wo bhijwa do..

Patjhad hain kuch
Patjhad mein kuch patton ke girne ki aahat
Kaanon mein ek baar pehenkar laut aayi thi
Patjhad ki wo shaakh abhi tak kaanp rahi hai..
Wo shaakh gira do
Mera wo samaan lauta do.

Ek akeli chhatri mein jab aadhe aadhe bheeg rahe the
Aadhe sookhe, aadhe geele
Sookha toh main le aayi thi
Geela mann shayad bistar ke pass pada ho
Wo bhijwa do.
Mera wo samaan lauta do.

Ek sau solaan chaand ki raatein
Ek tumhare kaandhe ka til.
Geeli mehndi ki khushbhoo
Jhooth mooth ke shikve kuch
Jhooth mooth ke vaade bhi sab yaad karadun
Sab bhijwa do.
Mera wo samaan lauta do.

Sab bhijwa do.
Mera wo samaan lauta do.

Ik ijaazat dedo bas
Jab isko dafanaungi
Main bhi wahin so jaungi..

Main bhi wahin so jaungi.


इक दफ़ा वो याद है तुमको
बिन बत्ती जब साइकिल का चालान हुआ था?
हमने कैसे भूखे-प्यासे बेचारों सी एक्टिंग की थी
हवलदार ने उल्टा एक अट्ठनी देकर भेज दिया था
एक चव्वनी मेरी थी
वो भिजवा दो..

Do you remember that time
When we were fined because we had no lights on our bike?
We managed to act like some poor chaps
And the cop in turn gave us some money!
Half of that was.. mine
Send them back.

सावन के कुछ भीगे भीगे दिन रखे हैं
और इक खत में लिपटी रात पड़ी है
वो रात बुझा दो
और भी कुछ सामान तुम्हारे पास पड़ा है
वो भिजवा दो..

I’d kept some days soaked in that weather
And a letter in which I’d wrapped up one night
Put an end to that night, won’t you?
There’s some more things..
Send them back.

पतझड़ हैं कुछ
पतझड़ में कुछ पत्तों के गिरने की आहात
कानों में पहनकर लौट आई थी
पतझड़ की वो शाख अभी तक
काँप रही है
वो शाख गिरा दो
मेरा वो सामान लौटा दो..

The crackling sound of the leaves in autumn
I wore some of it on my ear and came back one day
That branch it fell off of?
It’s still shaking and shedding away
Stop that, will you?
Send them back to me.

एक अकेली छतरी में जब
आधे आधे भीग रहे थे
आधे सूखे आधे गीले
सूखा तो मैं ले आई थी
गीला मन शायद बिस्तर के पास पड़ा हो
वो भिजवा दो
मेरा वो सामान लौटा दो

One umbrella and the two of us
Halves of us.. drenched in that rain
Half wet.. Half dry
I brought back the dry parts
I think I left the wet ones behind next to the bed
Won’t you send that?
Send my things back to me.

एक सौ सोलह चाँद की रातें
एक तुम्हारे काँधे का तिल
गीली मेहँदी की खुशबू
झूठ-मूठ के शिकवे कुछ
झूठ-मूठ के वादे भी सब याद करदूं
सब भिजवा दो
मेरा वो सामान लौटा दो

116 nights of the moon
That mole on your shoulder
The smell of henna on my palms
The fake arguments we had
I thought I’ll remind you of those fake promises too
Why don’t you send those too?
Send my things back to me.

सब भिजवा दो
मेरा वो सामान लौटा दो

Send everything..
Send my things back to me.

एक इजाज़त देदो बस
जब इनको दफ़नउंगी
मैं भी वहीँ सो जाउंगी

If only you’d allow
When I bury all these things away
I’ll get buried alongside those.

मैं भी वहीँ सो जाउंगी..
I’ll get buried alongside those.. things.

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  1. This is one of my mother’s favourite songs sung by Asha Bhosale ! And I too like it for the depth in the lyrics. Very nice post, glad to hear thoughts on old songs from someone part of our generation. Especially since most people these days would rather discuss Yo yo honey singh and EDM. I’m happy to have found your blog Prachi, hope to share some interesting conversations with you ! Cheers, Advaita


    1. It is a beautiful song, yes. My mom loves it too. It makes me very happy to see that you’re enjoying reading this! For me, this is a vent and it brings physicality to the art of words. Looking forward to sharing more thoughts (and poetry) with you 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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