Ghar (Piyush Mishra)

Piyush Mishra is like.. fire. Enticing and dangerous.

Recommended by Naina (yay!), I decided to look at this song more closely. There was no stopping anyone who heard Husna to go and look for *any* other tracks by Piyush Mishra. The man can write.

I recently read his book Kuch Ishq Kiya Kuch Kaam Kiya, and watched several interviews to know what made him him. After all, if a man can write like this, there surely is a story he doesn’t go around telling everyone.


Ghar is a song written and sung by Piyush Mishra, and once you’ll listen to it, you’ll probably be mesmerized by the rhythm, the music, his voice and the feels.

But. Words.

Today I discovered what this song was really about. I’m embarrassed to admit that I never really bothered to understand the song because I got too swayed by the phonetics and the jumpiness in it and its *PiyushMishrasocool* feels.

It’s probably everything I dreamed of many, many years ago. A woman sings to her lover and describes the kind of house she wants to live in and the way she yearns to spend her life. With him. Everything is beautiful and everything is peaceful. To be lost and to acknowledge its pure bliss and live it.. that’s what this song is really about to me.

Makes me wonder.



Ki ujla hi ujla shehar hoga 
Jismein hum-tum banayenge ghar
Dono rahenge kabootar se
Jismein hoga na baazon ka darr

The city which is happy and shines brightly
You and I will build our home there
We will like doves
Where we won’t fear the hawks


Makhmal ki naazuq deewarein bhi hongi
Kono mein baithi bahaarein bhi hongi
Khidki ki chaukhat bhi resham ki hogi
Chandan se lipti haan sehan bhi hogi

The walls be soft like velvet
Blooms in every corner
We will have window panes of silk
The patio will be covered in sandalwood


Sandal ki khushboo bhi tapkegi chhat se 
Phoolon ka darwaaza kholenge jhatt se
Dolengi mai ki hawa ke haan jhonke
Aankhon ko chhoo lenge gardan bhigoke

So much so, that the smell of the sandalwood will drip from the ceiling
Then we will hurriedly open the door of flowers
An intoxicating breeze will flow in and out of the house
It will touch our eyes as it wets our neck


Aangan mein bikhre pade honge patte
Sookhe se, naazuq se, peele chhitak ke
Paaon ko nanga jo karke chalenge
Charpar ki aawaz se wo bajenge

The courtyard will be covered in leaves
Dry, fragile, yellow ones that are bouncing away
You and I will walk on them barefoot
And listen to the crunchy sounds they’ll make


Koyal kahegi ki main hun saheli
Maina kahegi nahi tu akeli
Battak bhi choncho mein hasti si hogi
Bhagule kahenge suno ab utho bhi

The cuckoo bird will tell me she’s a friend
The mynaah will reassure me that I’m not alone
The ducks will probably be smiling from inside their beaks
The herons will ask us to wake up at last


Hum phir bhi honge pade aankh moonde
Galiyon ki ladiyan dilo mein haan goondhe
Bhoolenge uss paar ke uss jahan ko
Jaati hai koi dagar
Jaati hai koi dagar

But we will lie there with our eyes closed
Kneading a string of streets in our hearts
We will forget the world on the other side
And we’ll forget the roads that lead to them
We’ll forget the roads that lead to them


Ki chandi ke taaron se raatein bunenge toh
Chamkeeli hogi sehar
Ujla hi ujla shehar hoga
Jismein hum tum banayenge ghar

If we stitch the nights together with silver stars
We will have sparkling evenings
The city will be bright and happy
The one where we’ll build a home together


Aaoge thakkar jo haan saathi mere
Kaandhe pe lungi tika saathi mere
Bologe tum jo bhi haan saathi mere
Moti sa lungi utha saathi mere

When you will come home tired
I will rest my head on your shoulder
Whatever you say, my love
I will pick it and save it like pearls


Palkon ki koro pe aaye jo aansu
Main kya darungi bata saathi mere
Ungli tumhari toh pehle se hogi
Gaalon pe mere toh haan saathi mere

When the corners of my eyes fill with tears
Why will I be scared
I know that your finger will be there
Resting on my cheek to wipe it off, my love


Tum hass padoge toh main hass padungi
Tum ro padoge toh main ro padungi
Lekin meri baat ik yaad rakhna
Mujhko humesha hi haan ji saath rakhna

If you start laughing, I will laugh too
If you start to cry, I will cry too
But remember this one thing
Always keep me with you


Judti jahaan ye zameen aasman se 
Hadd haan humari shuru ho wahan se
Taaron ko chhu lein zara sa sambhalke
Uss chand par jhatt se jayein phisalke
Beh jaayein dono hava se nikalke
Suraj bhi dekhe humein aur jalke

Where the land meets the sky
That is where we set out limits
Let us gently touch some stars
And then we’ll slip onto the moon
We will both flow like the air around us
Even the sun will look at us as it burns (with jealousy)


Hoga nahi humpe malum saathi
Teeno jahan ka asar
Teeno jahan ka asar

But you know what
We won’t even know
The effect of the three worlds on us
The effect of these three worlds on us


Ki raahon ko raahein batayenge saathi hum
Aisa haan hoga safar

That we will tell our paths which road to take
Such will be our journey, lover


Ki ujla hi ujla shehar hoga
Jismein hum-tum banayenge ghar
Dono rahenge kabootar se
Jismein hoga na baazon ka darr

The city which is happy and shines brightly
You and I will build our home there
We will like doves
Where we won’t fear the hawks

Zuzu zuzuzuuzuzuzu..




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