My first post.. of my own little something.

I wrote the first two lines while traveling in a metro some years ago. I was traveling very often in those days (before Uber walked all over me and emptied my virtual wallets a thousand times over), and usually I wouldn’t be crushed by aunties and girls from all sides, I found a way to extract some peace and quiet in those long rides.

I was thinking to myself how difficult it can be to have dramatic lovers.


They can be random and beautiful and heatbreaking and awesome. But if you take away their troubles, what will they have left, no?

This one’s for the two who’ve figured out a way, or maybe lost theirs in time. Funny thing is, I guess, that both can happen at once.

What do you think?



Munasib nahi deewano se dil lagana
Ye aksar raahon mein bhatak jaya karte hain
Kuch andheron mein ujaalon se laut aaya karte hain
Phir taqalluf se do-chaar baatein jo ho toh
Kabhi wo, kabhi hum
Ashq marod aaya karte hain
Na pucho inse kyun khaan-paan na inka tabiyat
Har raat ye neendo se jo jhagad aaya karte hain

Well, it’s not safe to fall in love with crazy lovers
They often get lost on their paths to nowehere
But then they come back like a trickle of light in the darkness
And when we formally exchange a few words
Sometimes him, and sometimes I
– We fiercely wipe that tear away
Looking at him, don’t ask why he eats so poorly
It’s because he fights battles with sleep every night

मुनासिब नही दीवानों से दिल लगाना
ये अक्सर राहों में भटक जाया करते हैं
कुछ अंधेरों में उजालों से लौट आया करतें हैं
फिर तकल्लुफ़ से दो-चार बातें जो हों तो
कभी वो, कभी हम
अश्क़ मरोड़ आया करते हैं
ना पूछो इनसे क्यों खान-पान ना इनका तबियत
हर रात ये नींदों से जो झगड़ आया करते हैं




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      1. I fancy calling myself a member of the FPS. My own little way to avoid being called a poet. Too many things are tagged to the word that I can’t justify. As yet.

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