Ikk Kudi (Shiv Kumar Batalvi)

I heard this song just last night and I had a dream today. I was sitting with a best friend, with my head on his shoulder and his hand in my hand and this beautiful song playing in the background. We gazed at the stars burning, the fire lighting up our souls and the torn down walls and wondered.. ‘and we wondered what magic we could call this place’.

Written by another genius- Shiv Kumar Batalvi, a Punjabi poet who glorified the romanticism movement with his brilliant works.

*runs to read more of his works*

Please listen. Listen to my heart beat to this song.

Ikk kudi.

Strangely, someone once said, ‘The songs find you’. True?

Ikk Kudi

Ikk kudi
Jida naam mohabbat
Saad muraadi
Sohni fabbat

A girl
Whose name is Love
Simple, dainty

A sight so beautiful

Gumm hai gumm hai
Gumm hai
Gumm hai
Gumm hai

Lost, lost
She is lost
She is lost

Surat osdi
Pariyaan vargi
Seerat di o
Mariam lagdi
Hasdi hai taan
Phul ne jhardhey
Turdi hai taan
Ghazal hai lagdi
Lamm salami
Saru kadd di
Umar ajey hai mar ke agdi
Par naina di
Gal samajhdi

Her face
Is like a fairy’s

And her soul?
She’s just like Mary

When she laughs
Flowers shed their leaves
When she walks away
She looks just like a ghazal
Her graceful height
Like a wicker tree’s
She’s still in her nascent years of life
But she understands
The language the eyes speak

Gummiyan janam janam
Haan hoye
Lagda iyon jyon kal di gal hai
Iyon lagdai jion ajj di gal hai
Iyon lagdai jion hun di gal hai

She’s been lost from many many births ago
It seems like it was only an affair of yesterday’s
It feels like it’s only today’s affair
It feels like it’s only this moment’s affair

Hune taan mere kol khadi si
Hune taan mere kol nahi hai
Ae keha chhal kahin bhatkan

Just a moment ago, she was right beside me
Now she’s vanished
What trick is this? What chase?

Soch meri
Hairaan badi hai

Os kudi nu
Tol rahi hai

My mind
Is in awe
It’s searching
For that girl

Os kudi nu meri saunh hai
Os kudi nu apni saunh hai
Os kudi nu sab di saunh hai
Os kudi nu rab di saunh hai

I call out to that girl in my name
I call out to her in her name
I call out to her in the name of all
I call out to her in the name of the Almighty

Je kittey parhdi sunhdi hove
Jeyundi jaan o maar rahi hovey
Ikk vaari aa ke mil jaave
Wafa meri nu daag na laavey

If she ever reads or hears this
Whether she’s living or dying
Come and meet me once?
Do not sully my devotion, please

Nahi taan main toh jiya na jaanda
Geet koi likhiya na jaanda

Lest I can’t live
Nor can I ever write another song

Nahi taan main toh jiya na jaanda
Geet koi likhiya na jaanda

Lest I can’t live
Nor can I ever write another song

Nahi taan main toh..
Jiya na jaanda.

Lest I just can’t..


11 thoughts on “Ikk Kudi (Shiv Kumar Batalvi)

Add yours

  1. Another one of my favourites! Sorry for having missed this post earlier. Your translations are always poetic yet spot on. I’m sure somone must’ve told you before, Prachi you look beautiful! Ikk kudi, jida naam Prachi hai….. 😉


  2. There is a rendition of this poetry by Shiv Batalvi himself. He was equally brilliant at poem recitation.

    The poem itself, is beautiful. Comparing a girl to love and then giving her features, this imagery has worked wonders for me.

    There is something mystic about Shiv Batalvi. You can see it in Ajj Din Chadheya, Mayein Ni Mayein and many more of his poems. For me, He defines love and the things attached with it.


    1. He’s so so.. beautiful? Perhaps that’s the word. I’ve never seen a guy recite poetry this sweetly. With every word dripping of niceness. I think mostly I just gaped at the way the words sounded like music to my ears. He is quite a charmer. I’m yet to discover more of his works. Thanks for sharing a few names. I shall go and hunt them down soon 🙂


  3. A Solitary and Passionate singer noted for its heightened passion, pathos, separation and lover’s agony. Listen his original ‘ki puchde ho haal faqeera’n da’ I want u to interpret the same..and a request you to please translate these lines ” 😊
    कस कस कश्मकश में जो कश पिये हैं।
    कश बा-कश दर-बदर कियेे हैं।
    क्यों हो मुझको तहज़ीब ऐ तालीम।
    बड़े अदब से जब वार किये हैं।
    हाँ आती है अब बग़ावत की बू तुषिर से।
    सुर्ख बारुद से जख्म किये हैं।


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