Main Wahi Hoon (Gulzar)

The world needed this, I think. At least I did. Hear this on Saavn^ 7 songs. 7 stories. Tagore and Gulzar. Words can break your bones. Words can heal your soul. I can't be sure which has been more prominent in my life. Main Wahi Hoon is something we've heard of several times, probably been... Continue Reading →

Aankh Uthi Mohabbat Ne Angdai Li

Qawalli is magical chaos.  Every time I listen to one, I get confused. Confused. How do they manage to engulf you? Each time? Be it the lyrics or the music or the sheer power in the voice that fills your chest with some sort of warmth and the need to lose yourself. Qawallis are it. They're warm. And rich. And... Continue Reading →

Afreen Afreen

Do we say it often? Do we tell them enough how beautiful they are? I don't think so. Just tell people they're beautiful, yes? Just. Say it. And one day, I guess, we'll find that one person we can't say it to. Because they leave us speechless. Yeah? A beautiful song performed two decades ago... Continue Reading →


I've been away from home for more than three months now and I'd never imagined I'd feel the things I'm feeling now. Parents are your roots, you know. They are your true one and only. I always fancied the idea of romance and I thought I wanted my life to be about love and I wanted... Continue Reading →

Tram Mein Ek Yaad

You don't know what obsession is until you get obsessed for real. For all those who've been obsessed with works of art- be it a face, a song, a book, a book's cover, coins, buildings, a photograph, a physics book, their Mom's recipe of coconut chutney, or a bunch of words, they all know what it feels like.... Continue Reading →

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