Dono Jahaan Teri Mohabbat Mein Haarke

“If I could hold a heart in the palm of my hand and protect it for the rest of my life,
I’d chose for it to not be mine.

But yours.”

That’s that.


Noor Jahan’s voice can move you to tears. And this simple recording I luckily found online can shake the ground beneath my feet if I let it. I know. But for now, I’ll just live off its words. ‘Playing it safe’ it’s called.

Dono jahaan teri mohabbat mein haarke
Wo ja raha hai koi shab-e-gham guzaarke

Surrendering both worlds in your love, the one that’s his, and the one that wasn’t
There goes that somebody drowning in another night of sorrow

Veeran hai mai-qada
Khum-o-sagar udaas hain
Tum kya gaye
Ki rooth gaye din bahaar ke

The bars are empty and bare
Both the wine and the glass are saddened
Since the day you left
It’s almost as if happiness walked away too

Ik fursat-e-gunaah mili
Wo bhi chaar din
Dekhe hain humne hausle
Parvardigaar ke

I did get the freedom to sin in life
But that lasted only four days
Haven’t we all witnessed the courage
Of the Almighty to turn things around?


Duniya ne teri yaad se
Begaana kar diya
Tujhse bhi dil-fareb hain
Gham rozgaar ke

The world has tried hard my love
To turn me a stranger to the memories of you
The pain of this daily ordeal

Is nearly as enticing as you

Bhule se muskura toh diye the
Wo aaj ‘Faiz’
Mat puch val-vale
Dil-e-na-kardaa-kaar ke

I, Faiz, accidentally smiled today
Don’t ask, my love about the enthusiasm
Of a heart whose efforts have been futile always

Dono jahaan teri mohabbat mein haarke
Wo ja raha hai koi shab-e-gham guzaarke

There he goes
Letting go of this world and beyond
In your love, my dear
Drowned in the sorrow of this long, dark night


दोनो जहान तेरी मोहब्बत में हार के
वो जा रहा है कोई शब-ए-गम गुज़ार के

वीरां है मयकदा
खुम-ओ-सागर उदास है
तुम क्या गये
कि रूठ गये दिन बहार के

इक फुर्सत-ए-गुनाह मिली
वो भी चार दिन
देखे हैं हमने हौसले
परवरदिगार के

दुनिया ने तेरी याद से
बेगाना कर दिया
तुझ से भी दिल फ़रेब हैं
गम रोज़गार के

भूले से मुस्कुरा तो दिये थे
वो आज ‘फ़ैज़’
मत पूछ वल-वले
दिले-ए-ना-करदाकार के

दोनो जहान तेरी मोहब्बत में हार के
वो जा रहा है कोई शब-ए-गम गुज़ार के

5 thoughts on “Dono Jahaan Teri Mohabbat Mein Haarke

Add yours

  1. Amazing, imagine a heart filled with so much love that the distinction of the real and the surreal vanishes,in both the world what survives is love….Whao…thanks for sharing…keep up with these flirtations as these alone give the reason for emotional well being the rest of the existence is very dull and insipid …cheers


  2. Tumhare khayalo ki aramgah kafi dil fareb hai!! Sifar ka safar qulzum-e-sarab ka safar hain..jab tak judda tak apna matlab dhundta rahega…aur iski khubsurti dhundne mein he hai..paa lene mein nahe.. Bon voyage!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Shukriya, Suhel! Sahi kaha apne. Iski khoobsurti dhundne mein mhi hai, paa lene mein nahi. Sochti hun ki kya usse zyada khoobsurat usse kho dena hoga? Shayad. 🙂


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