Singaar Ko Rehne Do (Gulzar)

Do people talk like this anymore?
Do we tell each other enough that we love the little things?

Do we notice them at all?

Do we spend time just watching? Observing?
Do we bother to listen beyond just what the other person’s saying?

Do we stop. Stare. Smile. And say everything without uttering a word?


I wonder if we think about it enough. Does it matter? Does it really matter to you? A smile. A ‘nothing’. An ‘I’m fine.’ The twinkle in the eyes. The silent sadness.

Do you see it?


I’ve done this a couple of times:

Stared at a person/image/place for a long time to soak in everything that moment’s got for me. That one moment. The one I wish I could relive forever. (If there ever is a forever, that is.)

I wish there were replay buttons to a select few moments in life. And if there were a limit to the number of moments I could replay, say 5, which ones would I choose? Did I notice the most important moments in life? Was I paying attention when magic was orchestrated around me?

I hope I did.

I hope we notice the little things. And value them.
I believe that that makes all the difference. 


Gulzar and his magical work with Tagore’s poetry.
I’ve thought a lot about what to say about this, but I honestly have no words.
This is the best I’ve got:

[Listen to entire album here]


Ek dihaati sar pe gud ki bheli baandhe

Lambe chaude ek maidaan se guzar raha tha
A man from the village was passing by a large field with a mount of jaggery on his head

Gud ki khushboo sungke bhin bhin karti
Ek chhatri sar pe mandlaati thi
Having smelt the jaggery

A bunch of flies would gather over his head
Dhoop chadhi
Aur suraj ki garmi pahunchi toh
Gud ki bheli behne lagi
As the sun rose

And the heat began to take effect
The mount of jaggery started to melt
Masoom dihaati hairan tha
Maathe se meethe meethe qatre girte the
The innocent villager was surprised

Bits of the sweet sweet jaggery began to trickle down his face
Aur wo jeebh se chaat raha tha
And he kept licking it off 

Main dihaati
Me- only a villager- I know not much.

Mere sar pe ye Tagore ki kavita bheli
Kisne rakhdi?
Then who has put this mount of Tagore’s poems atop my head?

Rehne do..
Singaar ko rehne do

Let it be.
You don’t have to dress up.
Let it be.


Saamne chulha jal raha hai
Dhua aankhon mein lag raha hai
Jalan bhi hai
Anand bhi
The hearth is burning away

The smoke is burning my eyes
There’s a certain pain to it
But it brings along some peace too.

Bass aate hi honge
Jaldi se sandhya pooja ho jaye
Jaanti hai woh kya kehenge..

He must be reaching home anytime now
She’s hoping to conclude her evening prayers soon enough
She very well knows what he’ll say anyway..

Jaisi ho
Waisi hi
Aa jao..
Singaar ko
Rehne do

Whatever you look like right now
Don’t bother to clean up
Just come.
You don’t have to dress up for me at all
Just come because.. well. 🙂

Baal agar
Bikhre hain

Seedhi maang
Nahi nikli

Baandhe nahi
Angiyaan ke pheetey
Toh bhi koi
Baat nahi
Jaisi ho
Waisi hi
Aa jao..
Singaar ko
Rehne do

Even if your hair is messy
And the parting you tried isn’t straight
Even if the threads of your blouse aren’t knotted
I don’t care at all
Just come
I like you the way you are
You don’t have to dress up at all.

Os se bheegi
Matti mein
Paaun agar
Sann jayein toh
Ghunghru gir jaaye
Paayal se
Toh bhi
Koi baat nahi

Even if your feet get muddy
Running across the dewy ground
Even if a part of your anklet breaks
Don’t bother
Just come. 

Aakash pe baadal
Umad rahe hain

Dekha kya?
Goonje nadi kinare se sab
Udney lagey hai
Dekha kya?

You see the clouds gathering 
In the skies?
All the birds along the shore have started to fly away
Did you see that?

Bekaar jalaakar
Rakha hai
Singaar diya

Hawa se kaap ke
Baar baar
Udd jaata hai
Singaar diya

There is no use of lighting that lamp
To dress up, love
It flickers due to the wind
And goes off every time anyway
That lamp..

Jaisi ho
Waisi hi
Aa jao..
Singaar ko rehne do.
Kisko pata hai
Palkon tale
Diye ka kaajal
Laga nahi
Nahi bani hai
Praandi toh kya
Gajra nahi
Bandha toh chhodo
Who can tell
That you haven’t lined your eyes
With the kohl you crafted from the lamp?
So what if you haven’t knotted your hair yet
Even If you haven’t tied the flowers
Let it be, love
Let it be
Jaisi ho
Waisi hi
Aa jao..
Singaar ko rehne do.

Singaar ko rehne do
Rehne do..
Singaar ko rehne do.

However you’re dressed
It really doesn’t matter
You don’t have to dress up
You don’t need to.

Just come?




एक दिहाती सर पे गुड़ की भेली बांधे
लम्बे चौड़े एक मैदान से गुज़र रहा था
गुड़ की खुशबू सूँघके भिन भिन करती
एक छतरी सर पे मंडळाती थी

धूप चढ़ी
और सूरज की गर्मी पहुंची तो
गुड़ की भेली बहने लगी

मासूम दिहाती हैरान था
माथे से मीठे मीठे क़तरे गिरते थे
और वो जीभ से चाट रहा था
मैं दिहाती
मेरे सर पे ये टैगोर की कविता भेली
किसने रखदी?

रहने दो..
सिंगार को रहने दो

सामने चूल्हा जल रहा है
धुआँ आँखों में लग रहा है
जलन भी है
आनंद भी

बस आते ही होंगे
जल्दी से संध्या पूजा हो जाए
जानती है वो क्या कहेंगे

जैसी हो
वैसी ही
आ जाओ..
सिंगार को
रहने दो

बाल अगर
बिखरे हैं
सीधी मांग
नहीं निकली
बांधे नहीं
अंगिया के फीते
तो भी कोई
बात नहीं
जैसी हो
वैसी ही
आ जाओ..
सिंगार को
रहने दो

ओस से भीगी
मट्टी में
पाऊं अगर
सन्न जाएं तो
घुंघरू गिर जाए
पायल से
तो भी
कोई बात नहीं

आकाश पे बदल
उमड़ रहे हैं
देखा क्या?
गूंजे नदी किनारे से सब
उड़ने लगे हैं
देखा क्या?

बेकार जलाकर
रखा है
सिंगार दिया
हवा से काँप के
बार बार
उड़ जाता है
सिंगार दिया

जैसी हो
वैसी ही
आ जाओ..
सिंगार को रहने दो

किसको पता है
पलकों तले
दिया का काजल लगा नहीं
नहीं बानी है
प्रान्दी तो क्या
गजरा नहीं
बंधा तो छोड़ो

जैसी हो
वैसी ही
आ जाओ..
सिंगार को रहने दो
सिंगार को रहने दो

रहने दो
सिंगार को रहने दो




7 thoughts on “Singaar Ko Rehne Do (Gulzar)

Add yours

  1. Moving words accompanied by a very moving song. ❤️👌🏼

    I agree with you, I think people are losing the art of really observing the little things that matter most. This makes me think about many things; but it also assures me I’m not alone! Sure am glad to be in a company of people that includes someone like you. Cheers 😊


  2. Thank you for this post, you’ve written it beautifully. The song itself is so beautiful and to add to that the photos of Madhubala ji just created something extremely pleasing to the eyes to see and to the ears to hear.


    1. Thank you so much Amaya! Madhubala just felt right. Probably her unfettered spirit matched the soul of this beautiful song is why I put it here. She was gorgeous. Thank you for stopping by. I’m glad you enjoyed the post 🙂


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