Taraana-e-Pakistan (Pak Sarzamin)

Let’s open our hearts, shall we?

Celebrating 70 years of Independence on both sides. We’re so close, so similar. We are basically the same people. We speak the same language, we wear the same clothes, we celebrate the same festivals, we share the love for music and the arts. What’s the difference? Really?

Music broke our boundaries like nothing else did. An ode to Coke Studio for bringing the contemporary Pakistani music scene to light. I’m ever so grateful to those guys for bringing us closer.

Something about Pakistan has always intrigued me. My grandparents were one of the thousands who fled the country at the time of the Partition, leaving behind their house, their possessions. I remember my grandmother telling me of wells and lakes filled with water that was some shade of red. And how they escaped in an army truck with only one dhoti and saree to begin a brand new life in a brand new country- India.

We aren’t very different. We are not a product of our ancestors’ actions. We’re us. Today’s people. Today’s humans.

That’s that.

Happy Independence Day, Pakistan.
Happy Independence Day, India.

Pak sar-zamin shaad baad
Kishwar-e-haseen shaad baad
To nishaan-e-azm alishaan
Markaz-e-yaqeen shaad baad

Pak: pure
Shaad: happy

Kishwar: country
Nishan-e-azam-e-alishan: Symbol of high resolve
Arz-e-Pakistan: land of Pakistan

May the holy land, stay happy.
May this beautiful realm, stay glad.
The symbol of resolve of the highest order
O Land of Pakistan!
Citadel of faith, stay happy for always.

Pak sar-zamin ka nizam
Qaum, mulk, salt̤anat
Paainda tabinda baad

Shaad baad manzil-e-muraad

Quvvat: power 
Paainda: forever
Tabinda: shining bright
Manzil-e-muraad: desire’s destination

Order of the holy land,
Power of the brotherhood of its people
The nation, country, and empire
May it shine every so brightly
Our desire’s destination- stay glad.

Tarjumaan-e-maazi shaan-e-ḥaal

Parcham: flag
Hilaal: crescent
Rahbar: guide
Tarjumaan: interpreter
Maazi: past
Istiqbaal: reception, welcoming a visitor
Zul-jalaal: glorious

The flag with the star and the crescent
The leader of progress and ascent
The guide of our past, and the pride of our present
Soul of the future!
Shadow of the glorious God!



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      1. Our border is the Indian one. The response I earlier thought was, the one to which one’s heart relates the most. But it was stupid, for these discussions tend to float on fluffy sentiments, whereas the reality is grounded, firmly.


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