The Delete Button.

I have lately been very fascinated with the human mind.

I think we are all rather predictable. 99% of us. I will elaborate on the 99 first.

The 99 think like the rest of us. The 99 do things that secure people do.
They have first aid boxes at home.
They get at least 7 hours of sleep.
They have a constant desire to be healthy and ‘ready for life’.
They believe only what they see.
They read everything about something they’re remotely interested in to satiate their itchiness for ‘knowing’.
They like to know things.
They believe in their own abilities to forecast.
They choose a mate that’s not flawed.
They raise a family to perfection.
They keep their monies safe.

All good things. These are all good things in life. Something we’re all taught to do. The books teach it, social media shits all over it, all the movies are about this ‘sorted’ sense of being though mostly in a twisted way. From Pretty Woman to Taxi Driver to Inception- everyone’s just trying to get their shit together. Together in that tiny box which has a map laid out of a ‘sorted’ life. The healthy life. The ‘approved’ one.

Now the 1%.

The 1% are the crazies.

And you will not like them.

They don’t know why they are the way the are. No, that’s crap.

They choose to be who they are. They are very, very aware of their being and of others’.
Do not be mistaken that these are souls who have ‘lost their path’.
Understand that the concept of a life that was on a ‘path’ was cooked and baked and sold to us like chocolate chip cookies by the 99% crowd.

Who on planet Earth said life was about a ‘path’? A continued sense of motion, a pressure to keep things going, and what the hell does ‘moving on’ even mean?

Wait. Where are you going?

Since when did life become about shifting from one place to another? Isn’t life like camping?

Do you see the trees move? The animals leave their forests? The birds migrate, sure, but everyone likes to go out of their comfort zone and come right back.

Nobody moves. The sensible ones don’t. They park.

The 1% can never ‘get their shit together’ because they don’t know how to ‘move’.
The 1% don’t get the idea of changing.
And no, nobody changes. 

Nobody changes. I contest this thought at a biological and psychological level.
Nope. Nobody changes. And that’s exactly the point.

The 1% seem the most confused to the lot that keeps moving, right? They don’t see the 1% as a healthy breed because they are in motion, and they are trying to change, and they don’t think it’s a sensible decision not to.

So are they friends with the 1%?

Absolutely not.

Why are all great artists stricken by loneliness? And why have most of them died of it?
Please. I’m speaking of all artists. This includes engineers, scientists, architects, painters, musicians and poets. Everyone who does something of their own.

Why is loneliness the most widespread disease with a very easy cure but terrible rehab centres. Those rehab centres being the stuff to the likes of Facebook, Tinder, Instagram, Twitter etc.

Why is the world’s worst problem completely overlooked? No, I’m not saying that poverty or lack of food or lack of natural resources are not one of the worst problems we have. That’s our collective mess. Those are the things people are paying attention to and some very amazing people are working towards fixing it.

But who is working towards them? Who fights with them?

When the Universe hits these 1% in the gut with a big, fat bat, is when this dawns upon them that they cannot camp. The world wouldn’t let them.

Camping Life is a simple concept of living where you are with who you are. You learn from mistakes you do but you’re solidly grounded. You may dress differently and try and speak a foreign language, but you just don’t leave home. Because home’s home.

Home is who you are and will always be.

The world would urge you to ‘let go’, ‘move on’ and see the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’- all references of movement by the way, but why? Why.

Moving away from home doesn’t make you forget it. No. There’s nothing that can change that feeling. Like there’s nothing like home food. Mankind’s biggest need is to be cared for and homes do that. Why does marriage as a constitution exist? Why is it called ‘settling down’. Contrary to what the 99% teach and live and breathe and motivate others to do, they seek the reverse of it.

They are desperate to be the 1%. The 1% are magical, amazingly beautiful beings because they are the only ones who know what being homegrown is like.
Their bodies smell like home.
Their minds- oh so kiss-worthy.
Their existence makes you want to believe in a better life.


Because that’s the only true way to live it and you know. 
Even when you know you don’t, you do.

I guess technology has made things slightly easier and it allows us to camp a little bit here and there. Sometimes it allows us to just ‘block’ the unnecessary out and clean up for some fresh air.

It allows you to ‘Add new contact’ to the list of a 1000 others who’ve ‘moved on’ and you just do. You allow them to contact you and you allow their thoughts to mingle with yours.

And sometimes you don’t. Technology gives you the power to ghost on someone.

There’s no way someone is going to come looking for you at your house because heck, they don’t know WHAT YOUR ADDRESS IS. (Unless you send each other stuff from Amazon).

See, the fact that people can completely ghost on others is an outcome of technology. Writing letters in the older days allowed one access to people’s homes. A place where they could always be found.

How many of us actually have a home today? The lives we live, the jobs we do, how many of us have an address that has lasted for more than three years?

How can anybody from more than three years ago find you?

And so on. Life goes on. Whether or not we want to believe it.

See what I did there? Life goes on. As if!

The Earth, the moon, the sun does. But that’s the way our planet is designed, yet we were designed to never find out.

We were designed to believe that everything stays just the way it is. Nothing moves. No one moves.

But we wanted to explore ‘greater truths’. And wanted to find out, and thanks Galileo, you helped us.

And here we are today. Swiping right, double tapping for hearts and re-graming stuff.

Me? I’m cool. Living on the edge of my ‘delete’ buttons.

That’s what I work best around.

And this one’s for hitting that delete button, and moving the hell on.


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  1. very nice…the irony is 100% think that they are amongst 1% and all the rest are 99%….this illusion makes life interesting ….loved the process of deconstruction…cheers


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