You know there are days when you just sit up, take your laptop (or pen and paper, or typewriter, or iPad, or mind- whichever device it is that you use to make things up), and just vomit words out? I feel quite content the day after I do something like this. It lifts a weight... Continue Reading →

Ye Gham Kya Dil Ki Aadat Hai? Nahin Toh (Jaun Elia)

  As I watched the 1982 film Bazaar starring Smita Patil, Naseeruddin Shah, Farooq Shaikh and Supriya Pathak with my Mum, I couldn't help but wonder how being born in a certain kind of family in our country could make such a difference. Especially, to a girl. If you find the time, do watch it... Continue Reading →

Chandni Raat (Ali Sethi)

I love the smell of love. I love the drunkenness. I love how annoying it is. I love how wonderfully coy. Did I mention how annoying it is? And maybe just as much obsessive? But. I love being lovesick. Always have. I feel like I've finally begun to function. The world is rosy. Life is... Continue Reading →

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