Baawra Mann (Swanand Kirkire)

Baawra Mann has been one of those things I’ve turned to every time I wanted to feel anew. This one song, and a music video. I am not sure what strings they’re able to pull at my heart, but in an instant, I feel like my soul teleports to a time when I was younger, freer, and ignorantly happier.

Try singing the song.

You will realize that there is a depth to this song- and not just lyrically. A depth that manages to life your spirits.

I discovered the brilliant Swanand Kirkire about 8 years ago.
It was a tiny episode of The Dewarists that was aired on TV where Swanand, along with Shantanu Moitra (the very talented music director behind this song and many other- who discovered Swanand’s singing side), and Zeb and Haniya (a fantastic sister-duo leading the pop+folk music scene in Pakistan) spoke about his life, National School of Drama, acting and his lyrical workspace- a bathroom. In an instant I felt that his writing would forever inspire me and I found solace in discovering my first perennial source of inspiration.


I am resuming this blog after 11 months and 13 days, and quite frankly, I feel a little nervous. I wanted to publish something that meant a great deal for me in this moment, and what’s better than one my earliest inspirations? 🙂 CANNOT BELIEVE THAT IT TOOK ME FOUR YEARS TO WRITE ABOUT SWANAND. TSK.

Here’s one of my all-time favourite song, Baawra Mann from a path-breaking film Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi penned by Swanand Kirkire with Shantanu Moitra‘s magical music.

The song appears right at the end of the film. About 10 seconds before the end.
Rather befittingly.

I believe it was placed there to show that love is madness. It doesn’t understand the logical and the practical instruments that society instructs should be used adopted in order to live a ‘normal’ life. Here’s a sneak peak of this warm moment:

Screenshot 2020-07-17 at 12.50.47 PM

What is ‘normal’ anyway?

Baawra Mann is a state of mind that we all intrinsically believe in, and often crave for.
Even if we believe we aren’t part of the ‘crazy ones’, but truly, deep down, aren’t we all?

PS. I don’t believe ‘Baawra’ here means ‘crazy’ (though that is the literal translation).
I think Baawra here indicates what we often call our ‘careless’ or ‘free’ side. One that’s not bound by logic, and what may ‘crazy’ to the world. Yet, deep down we admit sheepishly, that that’s what we ache for. Being our own version of crazy.


And I’ve taken a lot of creative liberty in interpreting this one. Enjoy!
Tell me what you hear when you hear this song?

Baawra Mann

Baawra mann
Chala ek sapna

Mad little mind of mine
Has dared to dream


Baawra mann
Chala ek sapna

This limitless mind of mine
Has wandered off to dream again


Baawre se mann ki dekho
Baawri hain baatein

You see, it often talks gibberish


Baawri se dhadkanein hain
Baawri hain saansein

My heart beats erratically
And my breath becomes uneven


Baawri si karwaton se 
Nindiya duur bhaage

As I turn and toss in bed
Sleep has run far away from me


Baawre se nain chaahein
Baawre jharokon se
Baawre nazaaron ko takna..

All that my restless eyes want
Is to peer through the fascinating windows, and into the world
To observe the unseen


Baawre se iss jahaan mein
Baawra ik saath ho

In this world of crazies
All I need is a fellow crazy

Iss sayaani bheerh mein
Bas haathon mein tera haath ho

In this rather smart world
All I need is to hold your hand 


Baawri si dhun ho koi
Baawra ek raag ho
Baawre se paer chaahein
Baawre taraano ke
Baawre se bol pe thirakna

On a ravishing tune
In a transcendental melody
The feet want to
Dance to these tunes
And move to the sound of those fascinating words


Baawra mann
Chala ek sapna

My mind has chosen 
To dream a dream


Baawra sa ho andhera
Baawri khamoshiyaan

In utter darkness
And profound silence


Thartharaati lau maddham
Baawri madhoshiyaan

Lit by a frail and fitful flame
Souls intoxicared


Baawra ek ghungta chaahe
Haule haule bin bataaye
Baawre se mukhde se sarakna..

There is a veil
That slowly wants to slip away
Every so slightly from my face


Baawra mann
Chala ek sapna

Alas! My wishful heart dreams on..


Screenshot 2020-07-17 at 12.52.27 PM


In Devnagri:

बावरा मन

बावरा मन
चला एक सपना

बावरे से मन की देखो
बावरी हैं बातें

बावरी सी धड़कनें हैं
बावरी हैं सांसें

बावरी सी करवटों से
निंदिया दूर भागे

बावरे से नैन चाहें
बावरे झरोखों से
बावरे नज़ारों को तकना

बावरा मन
चला एक सपना

बावरा सा हो अँधेरा
बावरी खामोशियाँ

थरथराती लौ मद्धम
बावरी मदहोशियाँ

बावरा एक घुंघटा चाहे
हौले-हौले बिन बताये
बावरे से मुखड़े से सिरकना

बावरा मन
चला एक सपना..


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