Baarishein (Anuv Jain)

There are times when you listen to a particular song, and then you continue to replay it several times over simply because it is projecting such heartwarming images in your head and this fuzzy little feeling in your chest.

Sometimes the lyrics don’t all tie up together, sometimes you feel the music isn’t perfect, but if you put it all together, there is something secretly incredible about the song. And you don’t know what it is. And heck, you don’t care.

I have discovered several artists over the last few decades who I have personally grown to love and admire. From photographers to musicians and from filmmakers and actors, I’ve somehow felt like they speak/perform/sing/shoot in a language that my heart seems to recognise.

For a long time I’ve been thinking of writing about young, unabashedly talented writers emerging from the seas of YouTube (and other platforms) who are bringing beautiful works to us.  This time I’ve added visuals to the translations. It’s always been my thing. What do you think?

It’s funny how the comments section in Anuv Jain’s Baarishein video upload on YouTube had people being upset over the fact that the song was becoming popular (well, it does have over 9M views now).

Baarishein - Anuv Jain | Shazam


I thought this was my little gem, but nope. People have heard this. Literally, a million times. But ain’t that just beautiful? 🙂

In the spirit of writing about beautiful, upcoming artists, here’s my first post dedicated to the rains and the countless feelings it evokes.

Heartaches, garam chai, pakode, Kishore Kumar, silent gazing, piercing the ocean, a trickle down your cheek, the smell of geeli mitti. 

So much more.

PS. Unwillingly sharing this with you. Written and composed by Anuv Jain. Love 🙂



Haule se
Dheeme se
Mujhko baahon mein
Bharlo na tum

Come, hold me 
In your arms




Narm si
Saanson mein
Mujhko aahon mein
Bharlo na tum

With Soft
Engulf me




Sunn zara mere pass aa
Ab baithe hain hum bhi yahaan
Dil ke darmiyaan
Baarishein hain
Baarishein hain

Hear me, come and find me
I’ve been waiting for you

Between your heart and mine
Are rains
And more rains




Teri hi baaton pe maine
Saja li hai duniya yahaan
Dil ke darmiyaan
Baarishein hain

Everything you’ve said
I have staged my world around it
Between our hearts
Are now these rains




Ab tu aati hai
Bulaati hai
Bistar se yun giraati hai
Ki so-un main
Baahon mein
Bas t

Now when you come
And call out my name

I fall out of my bed
And just wish to just curl up
In your arms




Jab baarishein barasti hain
Pagal jaise thirakti hai
Tum jaisi ho
Bas vaisi hi raho

When it pours heavily
And the rain dances madly

Stay the same
Just as who you are




Ab tere bina yahaan meri saansein
Jaise bina nindiya ke raatein hai toh

Without you now my breaths
Are as empty as my sleepless nights




Aur tu hi mere dil ki razaa hai 
Tere bina dil bhi khafaa hai toh

You alone can make my heart content
Without you, it’s only misery



Teri aankhon ka kajal
Na phaile ab kabhi bhi
Tujhe itna pyaar dun

Teri khushiyon ki khatir
Ye duniya main meri
Ik pal mein vaar dun

The kohl in your eyes
Would never smudge again

That’s how much I’ll love you

For your happiness
I’m going to give up everything
My world, in a heartbeat




Ab bikhri teri ye zulfon se
Aankhein teri jab dikhti hain
Dikhta hai mujhe wo

When  I witness your eyes
Through the web of your hair

I can see
The skies





Ki kholun pankh main mere
Udd jaun main kho jaun main
Iss aasmaan mein
Patango ki tareh

Where I can open my wings
And fly away,  lost
In this sky
Like kites.. free.






In Devnagri:


हौले से
धीमे से
मुझको बाहों में
भरलो न तुम

नर्म सी
साँसों में
मुझको आहों में
भरलो न तुम

सुन ज़रा मेरे पास आ
अब बैठे हैं हम भी यहां
दिल के दरमीयान
बारिशें हैं
बारिशें हैं

तेरी ही बातों पे मैंने
सजली है दुनिया यहां
दिल के दरमियान
बारिशें हैं

अब तू आती है
बुलाती है
बिस्तर से यूँ गिराती है
की सोऊँ मैं
बस बाहों में तेरी

जब बारिशें बरसती हैं
पागल जैसे थिरकती हैं
तुम जैसी हो बस वैसी ही रहो

अब तेरे बिना यहां मेरी सांसें
जैसे बिना निंदिया के रातें हैं तो

और तू ही मेरे दिल की रज़ा है
तेरे बिना दिल भी खफ़ा है तो

तेरी आँखों का काजल
न फैले अब कभी भी
तुझे इतना प्यार दूँ

तेरी खुशियों की खातिर
ये दुनिया मैं मेरी
इक पल में वार दूँ

अब बिखरी तेरी ये ज़ुल्फ़ों से
आँखें तेरी जब दिखती हैं
दीखता है मुझे वो

की खोलूं पंख मैं मेरे
उड़ जाऊं खो जाऊं मैं
इस आसमां
पतंगों की तरह..

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