Laali Mere Laal Ki (Kabir Das)

This time around, I’m revealing a small secret to y’all.

Last 4 months have been a whirlwind in life. On October 31, 2020, a few people witnessed the birth of Sifar Collective.

A shrine for those who seek shelter with words. A true congruence of multi-cultures.

What’s interesting is that few of them know that my little startup was born right here. On this blog. Born in May 2016 from a single conversation in the North Block about Urdu and poetry.

Tonight is the fourth show on Zoom. Forgive me, for not announcing it earlier. I thought I must work with a smaller audience before I really bring it up to the people who actually helped me create Sifar over the last four years.

Dear Readers

You are the reason we are.

Please join us on our Chauthi Mehfil by simply filling this Google Form. Or you can drop me a quick message on Instagram @dilli_wali

A Coke Studio artist, a theatre veteran, 3 children and 2 sets of chronologically and historically challenged lovers are meeting on Jan 29, 730 PM on our show on Zoom.

Will you be there to celebrate #LaalIshq with us?

Sifar Collective Co. is inviting you to Safar Sifar Tak Ka:

Topic: Mehfil IV: Laal Ishq | Presented by Sifar Collective
Date: Jan 29, 2021
Time: 07:30 PM IST

Join us by signing up here to receive a link!

Get coloured in love!

In love, in respect and in pure devotion to Kabir Das, here is a translation of one of my favourite dohas of his:

Laali mere Laal ki
Jitt dekhun tit Laal
Laali dekhan main gayi
Main bhi ho gayi Laal

Such is the light of my Lord’s,
Red, Everywhere
When I went looking for it
I got coloured too!

In Devnagri:

लाली मेरे लाल की, जित देखूँ तित लाल |
लाली देखन मैं गई, मैं भी हो गई लाल ||

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