Peer Vi Tu

What happens when you discover love?

What happens when you get the answers you’ve been seeking?

Sufism (and almost all other religious belief systems) say that the answer lies within.

What if that was true?

What if.. you know the answers but you’ve been knocking the wrong so hard that your knuckles are now bruised and bleeding?

I believe now that unless your knuckles bleed, one doesn’t understand one’s worth.

One knows the truth about One. It’s just one.

This beautiful track is about your relationship with another.. but from my lens, this is an ode to oneself.

That I’m my love, my light.. my truth.

This one is dedicated to all those who are knocking the doors and bleeding.

Watch at your own risk for this may change you forever:

From the house The Wedding Filmer, performed by the magical Harshdeep Kaur.

Music Credits:

Female Vocals: Harshdeep Kaur

Male Vocals: Mohan Kannan, Shahzan Mujeeb

Music Composer: Amar Khandha

Lyricist: Sonal Wadhwa

Mixed & Mastered by: Gaurav Chopra

Peer Vi Tu

Ishq varge te
Ishq hi palle
Ishq hi disda
Jede ishq-ich jhalley

Those in love
Are much like love themselves
All they see is love
Such silliness!

Rooh vi teri
Main vi tera
Dil-an-vich tera hi basera

My soul is yours
All of me is yours, too
Oh Lord!
You’re all that resides in my heart

Mele aasaan de
Gedhe saahan de
Tethon, pyaareyaan!

The circus of my desires
And that of every breath I take
Is all because of you, my love!

Ve Peer vi tu
Piyaar vi tu
Deen vi tu
Imaan vi tu

You’re my spiritual companion
You’re my love
You’re my way of life
You’re my faiths

Ve meet vi tu
Preet vi tu
Mainda yaar vi tu
Qaraar vi tu!

You’re my comrade
You’re my sprit
You’re my friend, too
You’re my sigh of relief!

Ishq lagan-o-lagee
Lagge jivein yaar bunainda
Kaashi to Kaaba to
Uchha saanu yaar disainda!

Such is the passion of this love
It feels like He’s calling my name
From Kashi (in the Himalayas) to Kaaba (in Mecca)
I believe.. this above all else.

Love above all else.


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