Mere Dil Ki Raakh

Because I can't get enough of Bashir Badr, here's another one. I returned from a week-long trip to Kashmir yesterday, and everywhere I went, I couldn't help but say these lines to myself: "Makaan se kya mujhe lena? Makaan tumko mubarak ho Magar ye ghaas wala reshmi kaaleen mera hai." Babur was correct. Babur knew... Continue Reading →

Bheegi Hui Aankhon Ka Ye Manzar Na Milega

I am not afraid to admit I am afraid. I'm scared how these new beginnings will turn out to be, and I'm also scared about all the things that are ending. Moving out of home for the first time. For good. Getting my first job. Letting go of people. Patiently holding on to others, hoping. Running around and... Continue Reading →

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