Aapki Yaad Aati Rahi

So little to give away, I thought. What more was left? After all that I'd been through, what did I have left to give away? And so I smiled. Love's a funny business. Always has been. And what's the collateral damage to loving? Memories. Wouldn't we all just be better off if we had none?... Continue Reading →


Jaane De

Many years ago, there was a guy who knew little about life. No matter how hard he tried, things never seemed to come together. Love, was his worship. Not surprisingly, it didn't last very long. A few months ago I heard he had another heartbreak. A few months ago, I heard that he still tried.... Continue Reading →

Churalo Na Dil Mera

This is one of the cutest songs EVER. I shamelessly love it for its simplicity and its playfulness. 😀 It also reminds me of the then post-Soldier dashing Bobby Deol who tried every bit to get this girl in Kareeb.  I remember Kareeb for Chori chori jab nazrein mili. And. Chori chori jab neendein udi. :D... Continue Reading →

Neeyat-e-Shauq Bhar Na Jaaye Kahin

I heard the first two lines of this poem in a version of Aaj Jaane Ki Zidd Na Karo on Coke Studio some time ago and they just struck me as an honest feeling no one discusses out loud. Neeyat-e-shauq bhar na jaaye kahin Tu bhi dil se utar na jaaye kahin. A fear of being consumed by... Continue Reading →

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