Allah Ke Bande (Kailash Kher)

It’s only words. And words are all I have. To take your heart away. After a journey of a lifetime, in fact, many journeys of a lifetime later - I’m back. Nour it is. Who can not know this song? Sung by legendary Kailash Kher, and written by Vishal Dadlani, this song is an anthem... Continue Reading →

Baarishein (Anuv Jain)

There are times when you listen to a particular song, and then you continue to replay it several times over simply because it is projecting such heartwarming images in your head and this fuzzy little feeling in your chest. Sometimes the lyrics don't all tie up together, sometimes you feel the music isn't perfect, but... Continue Reading →

The Delete Button.

I have lately been very fascinated with the human mind. I think we are all rather predictable. 99% of us. I will elaborate on the 99 first. The 99 think like the rest of us. The 99 do things that secure people do. They have first aid boxes at home. They get at least 7... Continue Reading →

Sanu Ik Pal Chaen Na Aave

I know nothing. Nothing.  Imagine being on a boat. A boat that has no oars. A boat riding on waters that are still. Imagine a sun. A sun that lights up everything it touches. In a sky that's spotless. Imagine a body on that boat, under that sun. Imagine that it has no ties to anything... Continue Reading →


I've been away from home for more than three months now and I'd never imagined I'd feel the things I'm feeling now. Parents are your roots, you know. They are your true one and only. I always fancied the idea of romance and I thought I wanted my life to be about love and I wanted... Continue Reading →

Paar Chanaa De

This song that everyone's been talking about.. Paar Chanaa De? It's got a story. And if you don't know this, I think you may be interested. Before you go ahead and try to understand the meaning of the song, you need to know the story of Sohni and Mahiwal. Theirs was one of the tragic love... Continue Reading →

Day 2 of 3 Day Quote Challenge

I've felt a little lost lately, which is why I lost track of time. It's running away way too fast, so much so, that I find it difficult to curse it or something. Here are some more from the little pink diary:   "Chase down your passion like it's the last bus of the night."... Continue Reading →


My first post.. of my own little something. I wrote the first two lines while traveling in a metro some years ago. I was traveling very often in those days (before Uber walked all over me and emptied my virtual wallets a thousand times over), and usually I wouldn't be crushed by aunties and girls... Continue Reading →

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