Naam Gum Jayega

I think the most difficult things we have to say are also the simplest. If only we find the right words. And the right mind. Or heart. And. We. Run. With. It. What happens when we don't? What happens when you don't do either of those things? Poetry is born. Naam Gum Jayega, written by... Continue Reading →

Mehrooni (Vayu Srivastava)

[I started writing this post last week but something unbelievable happened and so. I stalled. Now it's finished. READ!] I can't help but marvel at this thing called 'life'. No, really. Mehrooni, the film, has been a personal favourite of mine for more than four years now. It is simply beautiful.   I know I... Continue Reading →

Churalo Na Dil Mera

This is one of the cutest songs EVER. I shamelessly love it for its simplicity and its playfulness. 😀 It also reminds me of the then post-Soldier dashing Bobby Deol who tried every bit to get this girl in Kareeb.  I remember Kareeb for Chori chori jab nazrein mili. And. Chori chori jab neendein udi. :D... Continue Reading →

Dil-e-Nadan Tujhe Hua Kya Hai

Anyone fond of Urdu poetry has read Ghalib. I've read some of his works and am yet to delve into it deep, but I'm certain it's going to be a rocky ride. His works are filled with poetic expressions for the visibly ordinary things in life and I'm only getting started. Enjoy reading 🙂 "Jaan... Continue Reading →

Kabhi Kabhie

Anyone who is fond of old Hindi songs has definitely heard Kabhi Kabhie (1975), and most of them have seen the film too. It is simply beautiful and heartbreaking. Some of you might remember that there's a poem that Amitabh recites when he meets Rakhee over an interview after many years have passed since their rendezvous.... Continue Reading →

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