Mere Dil Ki Raakh

Because I can't get enough of Bashir Badr, here's another one. I returned from a week-long trip to Kashmir yesterday, and everywhere I went, I couldn't help but say these lines to myself: "Makaan se kya mujhe lena? Makaan tumko mubarak ho Magar ye ghaas wala reshmi kaaleen mera hai." Babur was correct. Babur knew... Continue Reading →

Bheegi Hui Aankhon Ka Ye Manzar Na Milega

I am not afraid to admit I am afraid. I'm scared how these new beginnings will turn out to be, and I'm also scared about all the things that are ending. Moving out of home for the first time. For good. Getting my first job. Letting go of people. Patiently holding on to others, hoping. Running around and... Continue Reading →


My first post.. of my own little something. I wrote the first two lines while traveling in a metro some years ago. I was traveling very often in those days (before Uber walked all over me and emptied my virtual wallets a thousand times over), and usually I wouldn't be crushed by aunties and girls... Continue Reading →

Ab Vida Leta Hun (Pash)

Pash. Avtar Singh Sandhu. New found love. When I first heard this poem, I was just lost in its imagery. This one may be a little long and slightly difficult to get a grip of the first time, but give it a read. You'll feel something you haven't felt in a while. I'm sure.  ... Continue Reading →

Dil-e-Nadan Tujhe Hua Kya Hai

Anyone fond of Urdu poetry has read Ghalib. I've read some of his works and am yet to delve into it deep, but I'm certain it's going to be a rocky ride. His works are filled with poetic expressions for the visibly ordinary things in life and I'm only getting started. Enjoy reading 🙂 "Jaan... Continue Reading →


Mata-e-Gair यानि किसी गैर की अमानत । Sahir Ludhianvi and Amrita Pritam shared a love story which sounds like a dream and also a nightmare for a lifetime to me. I guess it is enough to say that they knew a love that was more than love and they lived it rather unconditionally. An article... Continue Reading →

Ranjish Hi Sahi (Ahmad Faraz)

Sometimes you can feel it in your veins. How badly you need someone or something. Even if it means hurting your own self in the process. 'Something is better than nothing.' "Jaise tumhein aate hain na aane ke bahaane Aise hi kisi roz na jaane ke liye aa Ranjish hi sahi.. Dil hi dukhaane ke... Continue Reading →

Mera Kuch Samaan (Gulzar)

Ijaazat. If you've seen the film, you know what it means. If you haven't, you should definitely give it a shot. I had heard all its songs a long time ago but never got around to watching the film until last week. "Ek sau solah chaand ki raatein Ek tumhaare kaandhe ka til." I was... Continue Reading →

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