Sakhi, Wo Mujhse Kehkar Jaate

I went on a short-film watching spree tonight. I think I've seen about 15 of them, and this one warmed my heart up like no other. Almost as if I could watch my heart's face curve into a smile. (Yep, I put a face to a heart because I have the creative liberty. How abused... Continue Reading →

Main Tainu Fir Milaangi (Amrita Pritam)

Amrita Pritam. A name that I feel like I've known forever. Today being her birthday, I can't help but contain my happiness that we were fortunate to have had someone like her amongst us. And I am even more fortunate that of all the things I could have been doing in life at the time... Continue Reading →

Walid Ki Wafat Par

I woke up this morning and checked my phone for aaaalll the updates that I usually see every morning. Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, SMSes, Emails. Wow. A lot of apps, yeah? This morning I woke up to a message from my Mom. It was buried under the load of other hippy stuff, but this one was... Continue Reading →

Mere Dil Ki Raakh

Because I can't get enough of Bashir Badr, here's another one. I returned from a week-long trip to Kashmir yesterday, and everywhere I went, I couldn't help but say these lines to myself: "Makaan se kya mujhe lena? Makaan tumko mubarak ho Magar ye ghaas wala reshmi kaaleen mera hai." Babur was correct. Babur knew... Continue Reading →

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