Main Nadi Hun

I drafted this post in July 2017. 'Drafted' is not the right word, actually. More like 'puked' these words out. I'm not entirely sure why I wrote this, but I think it stems from some fundamental thought that I believe we as humans have carried within us. And it compelled me to think if the... Continue Reading →


The Delete Button.

I have lately been very fascinated with the human mind. I think we are all rather predictable. 99% of us. I will elaborate on the 99 first. The 99 think like the rest of us. The 99 do things that secure people do. They have first aid boxes at home. They get at least 7... Continue Reading →

Aapki Yaad Aati Rahi

So little to give away, I thought. What more was left? After all that I'd been through, what did I have left to give away? And so I smiled. Love's a funny business. Always has been. And what's the collateral damage to loving? Memories. Wouldn't we all just be better off if we had none?... Continue Reading →

Jaane De

Many years ago, there was a guy who knew little about life. No matter how hard he tried, things never seemed to come together. Love, was his worship. Not surprisingly, it didn't last very long. A few months ago I heard he had another heartbreak. A few months ago, I heard that he still tried.... Continue Reading →

Theek Tumhare Peechhe

"Would it be out of line, if I said I miss you?" He said to her. He thinks she doesn't know it. He thinks she's never felt the way he has. For years. He never crossed the line. He always stood by her. He never lied. He never broke her heart. And he believes. He... Continue Reading →

Wo Jo Hum Mein Tum Mein Qaraar Tha

Dreams. Bad dreams aren't good for the soul. It's like feeding your mind the worst of your imagination. Of all the things that one could think of, to think of being stranded in a land you don't recognize and no familiar faces- that's the dream I fear the most. Because reality isn't very different a... Continue Reading →

Piya Tora Kaisa Abhimaan?

I wish I could write something impressive. It's been a while since I wrote. Nearly a year. Over three hundred such days have passed that I don't remember my hands trembling, furiously typing in words on my Keep and categorising them under 'Khayaal'. But no more. I wonder sometimes if we could also just do this act... Continue Reading →

Taraana-e-Pakistan (Pak Sarzamin)

Let's open our hearts, shall we? Celebrating 70 years of Independence on both sides. We're so close, so similar. We are basically the same people. We speak the same language, we wear the same clothes, we celebrate the same festivals, we share the love for music and the arts. What's the difference? Really? Music broke... Continue Reading →

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