Mera Piya Ghar Aaya (Bulleh Shah)

Pictured Madhuri Dixit dancing, didn’t you?

The day I came across this version of this very old song from my sappy, old memories of some dance rehearsals from my very early years of an ‘okay’ dancer, I couldn’t help but dive right in and revel in it for a few days.

It’s been nearly four weeks since I have been wanting to tell the world about this.

World- if you’re reading this- Bulleh Shah was a genius whose works I’m only starting to get deeper into. Marry that with Nusrat Sahab and you have God’s music right on your fingertips.

I think any form of art is a form of God’s many many views on the very many odd things that humans do. It’s like He created all of us, then had a bunch of random thoughts (the way we all do every other second of our lives), but His thoughts get manifested in art forms. Sometimes disturbing, sometimes utterly genius- and maybe, just maybe, He could be a an ‘okay’ painter too.

It’s funny. But God could actually be just ‘okay’ at some things, right?

I remember once asking my grandfather why Gods gave away curses like freebies? Why did the holiest of men got so pissed when Karn lied only to be educated and not be discriminated against? Why did Ram ask Sita for a test of her unscathed dignity? What kind of husband was he? How could they let Abhimanyu into the Chakravyuh despite being the know-it-alls aware that he wouldn’t make it back? Why did Buddha not say a word to his own wife the night he deserted her when he was selfishly seeking enlightenment?

It’s fun to ask these questions. It’s fun to find their answers too.

Maybe Gods aren’t perfect. Maybe they were never meant to be. Then why do we let ourselves believe they are? Or that we or people around us should be some sort of ideal?

I met a fashion and beauty influencer a few days ago and I told her how amazing her idea of involving influencers in every bit of her wedding was. I asked her if she thought this through or was it a stroke of luck because it was just GENIUS.

She curiously responded, “Honestly, I didn’t think about it the way it unfolded.”

I was immediately transported to early 2013, five and half years ago, where a member of the jury at NIFT Delhi’s Film festival questioned Apps and me about our first film, Firaaq:

“Did you take that Sikh boy in your film by choice or by accident?”

I remember talking half a second to decide whether we should tell him the truth or just lie, and pretend to be smart. I told him the truth. (I think this is what Convent schools do to you- the darn *voice*- anyway-)

“Accident”, I’d said.

I waited to see his reaction, and I still remember what he told us after:

“That one accident changed everything.”

We won several film competitions that year. Or were at least screened wherever we sent an entry. This includes Delhi International Film festival, Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival, Woodpecker International Film Festival, Mumbai Women’s International Film Festival and so on.

I was 19 then. I am 26 now.

Little did I know that that would mean so much.

That the same boy who unknowingly carved his name in the history of one of the most glorious and wonderful days of my young adult life, would do so all over again- many times over- and has done it for nearly 13 years till date.

Mera Piya Ghar Aaya was written by the 18th century genius, Sufi poet Bulleh Shah on the return of his spiritual Guru Shah Inayat Qadiri. It’s called a Sufi Kafi or a Sufi poem, and has been sung by a lot of stalwarts, including Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan sahab. As usual, this video is so enchanting that you will feel its vibes right back at you from 1993. ISN’T PUNJABI SUCH A CUTE LANGUAGE?

I was CLEARLY born too late since I missed this.

PS. Mera Piya Ghar Aaya also reflects my poor state of mind where nothing else really matters right now except exquisite happiness.. because.. well, Mera Piya Ghar Aaya, for real. For me.

I’m marrying my best friend. I cannot deny that he’s a little bit of God, and that the two of us are His little works of art. After all, love above all else. Also, neeche ishq hai, upar rab hai.. In dono ke beech mein sab hai. Well, I’m too ecstatic so I’m allowed to sing lyrics from all over in one blog post.

Read this interpretation once.
Close your eyes.
Hear Nusrat Sahab’s voice.
Listen to every word he says.
And you’ll feel joy 🙂
I promise.

Mera Piya Ghar Aaya

Aavo ni saiyyon
Ral deyo ni vadhaai
Main var paaya sona mahi!

Come, everyone-
It’s time to celebrate!
Look how fortunate I am to have such a beautiful lover!

Ghadiyaal devo nikaalni
Mera Piya ghar aaya!
O laalni!
Mera Piya ghar aaya!

Forget about what time it is!
My love is here with me!
O laalni!
My beloved is coming home!

O piya ghar aaya
Saanu Allah milaaya
Hun hoya fazl kamaalni!
Mera Piya ghar aaya!
O laalni!
Mera Piya ghar aaya!

My beloved has come home
It’s like I’m meeting Allah
God has been so kind! I feel divine.
Now that he is here with me!
O laalni!
My beloved and I are together!

Ajj taan roz mubaarak chaddheya!
Maahi mere vede vadeya!
Mera Piya ghar aaya!
O laalni!
Mera Piya ghar aaya!

Every day is a day for celebration
My beloved is going to be home soon
He is home at last!

Ghadi ghadi ghadiyaal vajaave
Raen vasl di piya ghataave
Mere mann di baat na paave
Mere mann di baat na paave
Hathaan ja sutto ghadiyaal ni!
Mera Piya ghar aaya!
O laalni!
Mera Piya ghar aaya!

The clock keeps ticking and it scares me
The night of separation is on its brink
Will my heart’s desire be fulfilled?
Throw away the clock!
Let time stand still.

My love is home at last!

Anhad vaaja vaje suhaana
Mutrib sughda taan taraana
Bhul gaya ay namaaz dogana
Madh piyaala dein kalaal ni!
Mera Piya ghar aaya!
O laalni!
Mera Piya ghar aaya!

The music plays limitlessly
A singer is singing his song
There’s no time to even pray
Fill my glass to the brim!
My beloved is home at last!

Bulleh Shah di sej piyaari
Ni main taaran haare taari
Allah milaaya hun aayi vaari
Hun vichhdan hoya nuhaal ni!
Mera Piya ghar aaya!
O laalni!
Mera Piya ghar aaya!

Bulleh Shah is in a state of happy abandonment
God has united him with his beloved!
We cannot be separated now!

My love is home at last!

Mera Piya ghar aaya!
O laalni!
Mera Piya ghar aaya!

In Devnagri:

आवो नी सइयों
रल देयो नी वधाई
मैं वर पाया सोंड़ा माही!

घड़याल देवो निकालनीं
मेरा पिया घर आया!
ओ लालणी!
मेरा पिया घर आया!

ओ पिया घर आया
सानु अल्लाह मिलाया
हुन होया फ़ज़ल कमालनी!
मेरा पिया घर आया!
ओ लालणी!
मेरा पिया घर आया!

अज्ज तां रोज़ मुबारक चड्ढेया
माही मेरे वेड़े वड़ेया!
मेरा पिया घर आया!
ओ लालणी!
मेरा पिया घर आया!

शक्र वांदा पीर मनावा
मेरा माही मेरे वड़ेया कुड़े
मेरा पिया घर आया!
ओ लालणी!
मेरा पिया घर आया!

घड़ी-घड़ी घड़ियाल वजावे
रैन वस्ल दी पिया घटावे
मेरे मन दी बात ना पावे
मेरे मन दी बात ना पावे
हाथाँ जा सुट्टो घड़ियाल नी
मेरा पिया घर आया!
ओ लालणी!
मेरा पिया घर आया!

अनहद वाजा वजे सुहाना
मुतरिब सुघड़ा तान तराना
भुल गया ए नमाज़ दोगाना
मध् प्याला दें कलाल नी
मेरा पिया घर आया!
ओ लालणी!
मेरा पिया घर आया!

बुल्ले शाह दी सेज पियारी
नी मैं तारन हारे तारी
अल्लाह मिलाया हुन आयी वारी
हुन विछड़न होया नुहाल नी
मेरा पिया घर आया!
ओ लालणी!
मेरा पिया घर आया!


8 thoughts on “Mera Piya Ghar Aaya (Bulleh Shah)

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  1. Bohot bohot Mubarak.. do cheezo ke liye,

    Unke ghar aa Jane ke liye
    aapke padhne walo ki rooh ko Baba Bulley ki ruhani majlis mein le jaane ke liye…

    Hamesha ki tarah, aap ko padh Kar beintah Khushi huee….and please post more frequently!!!


    1. Suhel! I feel like rolling on the floor out of happiness. You were the first person to read this! And I couldn’t be happier. It brings me immense joy that my writings brings joy or *sukoon* to some people.
      Kuch log India se hain, kaafi USA aur Pakistan se bhi. Aksar sochti hun ki mitti ki Khushboo aati hogi unhein jo door rehte hain. Kabhi kabhi apne ghar mein rehkar bhi dur rehte hain. Unhein apni mitti si milvaane se badhkar kya sukh ho sakta hai? 🙂
      India’s genius is bewildering and each time I write, I’m just awed all over again.
      And yes! I’m going to start posting more often. Starting this week, I’ll try once a week posts! 😀
      Keep reading ok?


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